We Are The Oral Health Safety Net

“Lack of oral health care contributes to profound and enduring oral health disparities in the United States. (Our interprofessional initiative) strives to improve access for early detection and preventive interventions by expanding oral health clinical competency of …frontline primary care health professionals, specifically nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physicians and physician assistants.”

2014 report of the U.S. Department of Health Resources and Services Administration’s initiative on Integration of Oral Health and Primary Care Practice

“For increasing the interprofessional approach to patient care.”

OHNEP’s Gold Standard success stories and step-by-step guide give you the tools you need to incorporate interprofessional oral health into your health care practice.

Millions of Americans, especially vulnerable populations such as the elderly, disabled, mentally ill, special needs populations, and those without dental insurance, now confront barriers to receiving oral health care.

Join us and be part of the solution.



Oral Health Toolkit for Primary Care Practice

The integration of oral health into primary care practice is essential to improving oral health and overall health outcomes across the lifespan. For too long, oral health has been separated from the rest of the body, making it difficult for many populations and communities to access necessary preventive and emergent oral care. Developed through a collaboration between the Hawai'i State Department of Health, Family Health Services Division, and the UH Mānoa Nancy Atmosphera-Walch School of Nursing, this toolkit contains valuable resources for integrating oral health into your primary care practice.

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Click here to access and download the Fluoride Varnish Factsheet for Parents.

Click here to access the Steps to Applying Fluoride Varnish handout and video.


Pediatric Oncology: Chemo Without Cavities

Help save children from the pain of developing oral problems during and after cancer care. Learn how Dr. Erin Hartnett, program director for NYU College of Nursing oral health program, started the interprofessional oral health program at The Hassenfeld Center for Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders.


Over Age 65? Oral Health Care Falls Off the Map

Learn how the residents of the Fair Haven Retirement Community in Birmingham receive oral health care from an interprofessional team of dentists, physicians, and other health professionals through a program created by Dr. Lillian M. Mitchell, Director of Geriatric Dentistry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry.


Teeth for Two: A Model Midwifery and Nursing Curriculum

Education and training are the first step for adding oral health care to your interprofessional practice. Learn how NYU’s College of Nursing infused the missing oral health piece into every aspect of its Nurse-Midwifery Master’s Program and Family Nurse Practitioner Program. See the curriculum content and adapt it for your own institution or practice.