Teeth for Two: Explore Oral Health & Pregnancy with OHNEP

Good oral health is essential during pregnancy. Parents’ oral health status is a predictor of children’s oral health. During pregnancy, oral health can affect the overall health of both the pregnant individual and their unborn children, as many physiological changes occur in the body during pregnancy. The mouth is particularly susceptible to hormonal changes that increase the likelihood of oral health problems which are associated with low birth weight, prematurity, and early childhood caries.
  Join our Oral Health & Pregnancy Tweetchat, Tuesday, June 28th, 2022, 2:30-3:00pm ET Despite over a decade of studies and publications emphasizing the need for oral health care for people while pregnant, access to dental care during for these individuals continues to be limited, and integration of oral health competencies are often absent in dental and medical education and practice. This tweetchat event aims to raise awareness about how good oral health during pregnancy can improve overall health and pregnancy outcomes. The discussion questions will focus on interprofessional oral health strategies that can be used in health care settings to promote oral health care for parents and their children. Your participation in this event will contribute to raising awareness of oral health care needs during pregancy. Email ohnep@nyu.edu if you are interested in co-hosting this tweetchat with us!