Say Ahh! A Documentary About The World's Largest Cavity

On October 19, 2015, the OHNEP program, in partnership with the NYU Colleges of Nursing and Dentistry, School of Medicine and the Interprofessional Education Group (IPEG) screened the Say Ahh! oral health documentary.


The film follows the true stories of six families as they discover the real-life impact that their oral health is having on their lives. The message: mouth and body are connected and the source of getting people to achieve and maintain good health can be found in the mouth. “Say Ahh” is an attempt to raise awareness and connect the dots for the medical community and public alike.


More than 80 students and faculty from across the nursing, dental, dental hygiene, medical and public health programs viewed the movie and participated in the lively panel discussion with movie producers and NYU's interprofessional oral health team who shared their perspectives on the importance of delivering preventive oral health care in the primary care setting, and improving the structure of referrals from primary care to dentistry.


Thanks to everyone who attended!


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Say ahh!Say ahh!

Say ahh!