SAMHSA-HRSA Webinar: Integrating Oral Health And Behavioral Health In Primary Care Settings

Wednesday, September 7, 1:00 pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific
Behavioral health care providers are increasingly called upon to fill new roles on the primary care team. These roles often call for mastery of knowledge and skills related to a variety of complex health issues, including oral health. As an integral component of overall health, oral health can have a significant impact on a client's emotional and physical well-being.
Sign up for this webinar to learn how behavioral health workers in integrated care settings can engage clients who may have oral health concerns. As part of the integrated care team in settings with and without oral health providers, behavioral health staff can educate clients regarding their oral health conditions, support proper oral hygiene, address dental care anxiety and build effective referral systems to get their clients oral health services.
This webinar will offer tips and resources to engage in a discussion of oral health concerns and will highlight elements of an effective oral health referral process.