Presentation at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Transform 2021 Conference

The OHNEP team sponsored a Solution Circle at the AACN Transform 2021 Conference on December 3 entitled, "Improving Racial and Health Equity: Integrating Oral Health Innovations in Cancer, Diabetes and Childhood Tooth Decay." Presented by Dr. Judi Haber and Jessamin Cipollina, this presentation addressed how to improve racial and health equity by integrating oral health in populations with chronic conditions: Diabetes, Cancer and Childhood Tooth Decay. Each of these conditions provides innovative clinical exemplars for examining the impact of the social determinants of health. We discussed the common oral health problems associated with these conditions and how they are accelerated by racial and health disparities. 


The new AACN Essentials are used as a framework for demonstrating how oral health and its links to overall health operationalize curriculum content and expectated competencies of nursing graduates. Nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives on the frontlines of primary and acute care can play a leadership role in integrating oral health into the whole-person care provided to these patient populations to improve racial and health equity.
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