Oral Health and Diabetes: Take 20 with the OPEN Network

Oral Health and Diabetes will be presented by the OHNEP team for the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN) network next Tuesday November 30 at 1:00pm EST.November is National Diabetes Month, when health professionals and advocates across the US come together to increase awareness about diabetes, the seventh leading cause of death in the US. This year’s focus is on preventing diabetes and prediabetes, which affects about 88 million US adults. Many people, as well as health professionals, are unaware of the connections between oral health and diabetes. This presentation will review how people at risk for diabetes or who are diabetic are vulnerable to poor glycemic control and oral health complications, such as periodontitis. We will examine the relationship between glycemic control and risk for periodontal disease: people with diabetes who have poor blood sugar control are at higher risk for periodontal disease. Conversely, people with periodontal disease are at risk for impaired glycemic control. Health professionals need to be able to educate their patients about the importance of their oral health as an essential factor in preventing and managing diabetes.

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