OHNEP Awardees Published in MedEdPORTAL

OHNEP Curriculum Innovation Award Receipents, Dr. Cameron Jeter, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Houston School of Dentistry, and Dr. Deborah Jones, former Professor at the University of Texas, Houston School of Nursing have published in MedEdPORTAL for their OHNEP funded project, Parkinson’s Disease Oral Health Module: Interprofessional Coordination of Care.  The module teaches dental health professionals and students about the oral health needs of patients with Parkinson's Disease (PD), with an emphasis on interprofessional collaboration and evidence-based dentistry.Key topics include:

  • The etiology and pathogenesis of PD 
  • Major oral health problems in patients with PD
  • The impact of oral health problems on the quality of life of PD patients 
  • The need to accommodate patients with PD by establishing best practices in the dental office 
  • The importance of collaborating with other health professionals to provide comprehensive care

To read about the module, please check the MedEdPortal publication here. The publication is also highlighted on the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) website. The OHNEP team is pleased with this project's promotion of interprofessional oral health education and practice and looks forward to continued integration of oral health into overall health across the professions!