Oral-Systemic Health Resource: American Academy for Oral Systemic Health

AAOSH (American Academy for Oral Systemic Health's) mission is uniting dentists & physicians in thought and practice in the treatment of oral systemic disease. Periodontal disease is the undeniable link to the systemic disease process and forward thinking tells us that, if you treat the periodontal disease, you can also improve diabetes  and heart disease, and prevent strokes  too. In addition, there have also been links to Alzheimers, dementia, autism and birth defects, to name a few others. Nutrition is another important factor getting enormous recognition as the root of systemic disease. Change you diet, change your health and even reverse heart disease and cancer.  These are huge crossover areas for both nurse practitioners & hygienists who may see a patient 3-4 times a year and can now encourage that patient to seek medical advice based on risk factors they see in the mouth, or during chairside testing. AAOSH's goal is to empower health and success to all medical & dental professionals. The organization puts a great value in complete health in ourselves, in order to be able to deliver that message to others.


For more information: https://aaosh.org/