New Blog: The Brain-Mouth Connection

To close out Mental Health Awareness Month, check out our new blog, "The Brain-Mouth Connection: How Good Oral Health Can Improve Mental Health." This article examines the bi-directional relationship between mental health and oral health. Poor oral health can exacerbate mental health issues and negatively impact the quality of life and wellbeing of the many individuals who struggle with mental health problems. Conversely, those who struggle with mental health issues are more likely to experience oral health complications - such as xerostomia, periodontal disease, oral pain, and more - due to side effects of medications, as well as lack motivation to maintain good oral hygiene at home and utilize oral health services. This blog provides an overview of the "the brain-mouth connection", and how interprofessional care is essential to improving mental, oral and overall health among patient populations with mental health issues. Click here to read our blog.