Live Tweetchat Event: Mental Health & Oral Health

OHNEP will be hosting a Mental Health & Oral Health Tweetchat on Wednesday May 25 at 2:30pm ET. This Tweetchat event aims to raise awareness about “the brain-mouth connection” and highlight barriers to care. An estimated 45 million Americans are living with a mental illness that negatively impacts their daily lives. Poor oral health can exacerbate mental health issues and impede self-esteem, employability and social engagement. Untreated oral health problems, due to lack of access to care, can lead to pain, infection, tooth loss, as well as difficulty with chewing, swallowing, poor nutrition and insecurities when smiling and speaking. Oral health continues to be overlooked by health professionals across care settings despite a wealth of research and evidence demonstrating the importance of oral care in managing a variety of mental health conditions - depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and more. The discussion questions will focus on the importance of integrating oral health in mental health care to prevent oral health problems. Your participation in this event will build an online presence for an important population health issue and make conversations about oral health and mental health louder!Email for more information about participating.