February is National Children's Dental Health Month

OHNEP honors National Children's Dental Health Month (NCDHM) by providing links to children's oral health resources from national dental and oral care organizations that can be used by pediatric health professionals, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Midwives, Physicians, and Physician Assistants, all of whom care for children in well child, maternity, school, and acute care settings.


Check out the resources for professionals below:


» The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) teamed up to create an oral health toolkit for providers. This toolkit focuses on advising soon-to-be mothers about best oral health practices for themselves and their newborns.


» Colgate's Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Initiative seeks to promote oral health education to children from all backgrounds nationwide. Their Mobile Dental Vans travel around the country to underserved areas where children are in need of oral health screenings and dental care, further raising awareness for children's oral health. The website also provides free program materials to help teach children about the basics of good oral health care. 


» The American Dental Association (ADA), a leading proponent of National Children's Dental Health Month, has created posters with this years NCDHM slogan: Brush and clean between to build a healthy smile! The posters are free to download at their website; the webpage also includes tips for publicizing the importance of oral health and free activity sheets for kids. 


» The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) has free dental health education materials that can be ordered online. These materials can be used by health professionals, as well as educators and parents, to promote the importance of oral health and lifelong good oral health practices in children.



» Healthychildren.org and MouthHealthy are initiatives from the AAP that provide resources to parents about child oral health care at all ages. Supported by thousands of pediatricians, the websites provide valuable resources and advice regarding making the best oral health and overall health decisions for your child. Check out Healthychildren.org's oral health page for pregnant and new mothers, and explore the MouthHealthy website for inspriration in promoting the importance of oral health to children and families. 


» The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) has an abundance of resources for children that can be disseminated by health care professionals, including parent education brochures, fact sheets about common oral health issues and a search tool for finding a pediatric dentist in your area. Also check out their Mouth Monsters page for more kids oral health information and tips for keeping young mouths healthy.


» The National Education Association (NEA)'s Read Across America initiative, sponsored by Renaissance Dental, have dental reading and education materials for teachers, health professionals and parents to build good oral health practices in children.