Dr. Erin Hartnett Collaboration with Dr. Elisha Riggs

Dr. Erin Hartnett (right) met with Dr. Elisha Riggs, PhD, (left) of the Healthy Mothers Healthy Families research group at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne Australia. Dr. Riggs' research is centered around a population health theme focusing on mothers and children in socially disadvantaged communities, as well as integrating oral health into overall health care for refugee women going through pregnancy. Drs. Hartnett and Riggs met to discuss international oral health research initiatives and continue their collaboration on oral health and pregnant women. 


Take a look at Dr. Riggs video on children's oral health titled "Dental Care Video: Five Toothbrushing Tips for Children (AU)", located in our Videos under the Resources tab.


Please also review Dr. Riggs publications listed in our Publications under the Resources tab:

  • "Midwives’ and women’s views on accessing dental care during pregnancy: An Australian qualitative study."
  • "Refugee child oral health."
  • "‘We are all scared for the baby’: Promoting access to dental services for refugee background women during pregnancy."