April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity for all health care providers to heighten their awareness about the importance of oral cancer prevention. In the U.S., mouth cancers are diagnosed in over 100 people each day, and someone dies from oral cancer every hour of every day. Health care professionals are part of the first line of defense in detecting oral cancer in its early stages. Beyond the dental office, oral cancer screenings should be conducted by health professionals including nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants.


The HPV vaccine, the only cancer prevention vaccine, is the most effective method for preventing oropharyngeal, cervical, and other HPV-related cancers. As oral health advocates, health care teams in dental and medical practices are perfectly positioned to provide HPV anticipatory guidance and resources for parents of children starting at age 9 to increase HPV vaccination rates and decrease rates of HPV and related cancers. 


Click here to view the Oral Cancer Foundation website for more information about oral cancer awareness initiatives